2. Definition:           

In these General terms and conditions of service, unless the context is regulated obviously differently, hereunder terminologies are understood as corresponding meaning as below:

 “SWIFT 247” or “We” means SWIFT 247 Joint Stock Company, which is legally established and operates in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.

 “Customer” means the person requesting and agreeing to use any of the services provided by SWIFT 247, including but not limited to delivery services, placing and paying for Orders using the Delivery services.

“Range” means the geographical limitation of services that SWIFT 247 provides to Customers. This range is pre-installed on the Application provided by SWIFT 247 and is subject to change depending on the specific situation.

 “Application” is a mobile application software owned and operated by SWIFT 247, of which functions meet Customer’s usage requirements, including but not limited to: interaction, Orders creation, and payment performance for SWIFT 247.

 “Goods” means correspondence, documents, publications, invoices, other documents, or items that the customer has requested SWIFT 247 to deliver from sender to receiver. Goods must be goods that are allowed to be transported, not included in the list of transportation prohibited goods, and must comply with all regulations on transportation of Vietnamese law, competent government agencies, and of the relevant Carriers during the use of the service.

 “Order number” is a series of characters including numeric and alphanumeric code (Example: RG59WLV5, B2C3MXFQPAT5, B2B00002274), generated when the Customer places and makes full payment for the Order. This Order code is used as a basis for shipment tracking of an Order on the Application and for retrieving information for complains and claims related to the Cargo and Order.

 “Carriers” are third parties appointed by SWIFT 247 to carry out the transportation or some related work in the process of transporting the order from the point of receipt to the point of delivery.

 “Transportation prohibited goods” are types of items and goods that are prohibited from being transported, circulated, or used in accordance with the laws of Vietnam, the laws of relevant countries, and the regulations of the relevant Carriers.

 “Conditionally transported goods” means items and goods that are limitedly transported or forced to comply with certain conditions during transportation in accordance with the laws of Vietnam, the laws of the country in which they are transported. and regulations of the relevant Carriers.

 “Dangerous Goods” means any item or substance with the potential to cause danger, the risk to health, safety, property, or the environment that is listed or classified on the Dangerous Goods List regulated by IATA (International Air Transport Association).

 “Shipping time quota” is the period of time starting from the time the order is confirmed on the Application to the time when the Goods are delivered to the designated place to the recipient shown on the order information (excluding the time of delay in delivery and receipt of goods from the sender and/or the consignee, and majeure circumstances of the relevant Carriers).

 “Reception location” is the location announced on the website http://www.swift247.vn and on the applications. The place where goods are transferred directly from the customer or indirectly through a 3rd party shipping partner to the staff of SWIFT 247 to receive.

“Delivery Location” is the location announced on the website http://www.swift247.vn and on the application. The place where goods are transferred from SWIFT 247 agents to customers or to 3rd party shipping partners.

 “Point to Point” also known as P2P, is a shipping service which the Customer must directly bring the transported Goods to the receiving location of SWIFT 247 for shipping procedures, and the recipient must directly come to the SWIFT 247 drop-off point for receiving procedures.

 “Port to port” is a transportation service which the Customer must directly bring the transported Goods to the airport warehouse to carry out procedures for shipment, and the recipient must directly go to the airport warehouse to carry out the procedures for receiving the goods.

 “Point to Door” also known as P2D, is a shipping service which the Customer must directly bring the transported Goods to the receiving location of SWIFT 247 for sending procedures, and the Goods will be exactly transported to the recipient address shown on the order code by the courier of SWIFT 247 or the Carrier to carry out the Goods delivery procedures.

 “Door to Point” also known as D2P, is a transportation service which the Goods are cleared for delivery from the Customer, at the Customer’s location to the delivery staff of SWIFT 247 or the Carrier, after that, the Goods will then be shipped to SWIFT 247 drop-off location, and the consignee must come directly to SWIFT 247 drop-off point to receive the Goods.

 “Door to Door” also known as D2D, is a transportation service which the Goods are cleared for delivery from the Customer, at the Customer’s location to the courier of SWIFT247 or the Carrier, and Goods will be shipped to the correct recipient address shown on the order number by the courier of SWIFT 247 or the Carrier for delivery procedures.

Note: SWIFT247 provides home delivery and pick up services to sender and/or receiver. However, in the case that the sender and/or receiver are located in apartments, high-rise buildings, SWIFT247 only supports delivery/receipt of Goods at the entrance of the apartment building, high-rise building or other suitable location.

 “Price unit” is the amount that the customer has to pay for each unit of chargeable weight (Example: VND 198,000/ 1 kg/ P2P service).

 “Chargeable weight” is the actual weight (weight), or volumetric weight (dimensions). Chargeable weight is calculated according to the larger weight between actual weight and weight converted from volume. The formula for calculating the converted weight is as follows:

Converted weight = (length × width × height) ÷ 6000

6000 is the conversion unit between weight and volume prescribed by the aviation association for domestic delivery services.

Length, width, and height are units of volume measured in centimeters.

Example: suppose a customer ships a carton box with a weight of 100 kg and dimension of length, width, and height is 120, 120, 120 cm in turn. The shipping cost of the box is 10,000 VND / 1 kg. To determine whether this container is calculated by weight or volume, we do the following calculation:

Weight: 100kg

Converting the volume of the box to the weight: (120 × 120 × 120) ÷ 6000 = 288

Since 288 > 100, this box will be calculated according to the weight converted from the volume and the shipping cost of this box is 288 × 10,000 = 2,880,000 VND

“Rates” means the amount payable by the Customer for the Order generated on the Application based on the Weight and the unit rate.

“Additional Purchase Services” mean additional services that the Customer may purchase additionally to meet the Customer’s requirements. Additional purchase services provided by SWIFT247 include but are not limited to the services available on the App dependent on specific time such as: High-value goods insurance service, door delivery/receipt service, goods returned insurance service, etc.

 “Value added tax” or “VAT” means value added tax in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.

“Working day” means a day other than Saturday or Sunday or a public holiday, Lunar New Year in accordance with the laws of Vietnam or relevant country laws in the course of transportation.

 “COD” is a form of payment collection that the fare is collected directly at the point of receiving the consignment. This COD includes only the payment for the shipping service of the order, and does not include collection for the value of the goods being shipped.

 “Force Majeure” means any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of a party that affects the operation and ability of the affected party in performing its obligations under the relevant Transportation Services agreements, including but not limited to events of natural disasters, flight delays or cancellations, riots or civil unrest, war or armed conflict , national or local emergencies, government action or inaction, fire, flood, lightning, fire, explosion, subsidence, bad weather condition, and lawsuits or obstructions by person or entity that is beyond the reasonable control of that party; and “Majeure” as applied to SWIFT 247 in connection with the provision of the Service shall include an Internet connection crisis and any technical problems beyond our control which may affect the technical system supporting the normal operation of the Application.

 “Customer Information” means Customer’s personal information that Customer provides and declares to SWIFT247 through the Application, through Orders or through another transaction with SWIFT247, including but not limited to Name, Phone number, Email, Address, Information about Personal account number.

  1. Interpretation

In these General Terms, unless the context expressly states differently:

  1. Reference to Terms and Paragraphs means reference to the terms, and paragraphs of these General Terms.
  2. The titles in these General Terms are for reference only and shall not affect the interpretation of these General Terms.
  3. Reference to “individual, organization” shall mean any individual, partnership, joint venture, partnership, limited liability company, trust organization, company, association, state, State agency or department or any individual or organization.
  4. A reference to a law or a provision of law including an amendment or re-enactment of that provision, a legal provision that supersedes that provision, and a regulation or legal document enacted under that provision.
  5. Singular words include plural meanings and vice versa.
  6. The expressions “even”, “including”, “for example”, or similar expressions shall not limit the inclusion of anything other terms.
  8. Transportation prohibited goods

The following goods and items are considered Prohibited Goods and can be denied delevering by SWIFT247:

  1. .Narcotic substances, opium, opium compounds, psychostimulants.
    1. Weapons such as firearms of all kinds (such as tear gas guns, plastic bullet guns, laser guns, nail guns, magnetic guns, flare guns, etc.), ammunition, swords, knives, machetes, rubber whips, electric whips, electric sticks, electric gloves, tear gas grenades, asphyxiation grenades, poison grenades, anesthetics grenades, metal 8 handcuffs, plastic rope handcuffs
    1. All kinds of depraved cultural products, reactionary content contained cultural products; publications and documents aiming at undermining public order against the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
    1. Explosives, flammable or non-flammable gases (such as paint sprayers, butane, gas refilled cigarette lighter), refrigerants (such as underwater oxygen tanks, liquid nitrogen tanks), flammable liquids (such as paints, diluent, solvent); flammable solids (such as matches, lighters); organic oxygen compounds (such as tree sap); toxic substances, infectious substances (such as viruses, bacteria); radioactive substances (such as radium); corrosive substances (such as acids, alkalis, mercury, thermometers), magnetic substances, oxidizing materials (such as bleach).
    1. Types of items and goods that are prohibited by law from circulation, trading, export or import.
    1. Living or dead creatures.
    1. Articles, publications, merchandise prohibited by the applicable law, regulation or order of any country to which the Goods are transported to, transported, transited or transported through.
    1. Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum…), precious stones or other products made from precious metals and gems.
    1. If transported by air, Goods are articles that may cause harm to the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft, such as those specified in the Dangerous Goods Regulations of the Aviation Organization International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and in the Terms and conditions of Carriage and Regulations of the relevant Carriers.
    1. Corpses, human remains.
  2. Goods accepted with conditions

The following goods and items are considered Conditional Carriage and can only be transported by SWIFT247’s Services when the following corresponding conditions are met:

  • Goods transported for business purposes must accompany tax document and/or other documents required by law.
    • Transported goods that are articles and goods imported or exported under specialized management must comply with regulations of competent specialized management agencies and provisions of relevant laws.
    • Goods are perishable items, liquid and packed powders must be properly packed in order not to cause damage or contamination to other goods or items. (*)
    • Goods that are perishable items due to their natural characteristics must be properly packed, contained in foam boxes in order not to contaminate other goods and postal items. (*)
    • Goods that are fresh or frozen seafood or meat or smelly food (such as durian, jackfruit, fish sauce, fish sauce…) must be properly packed, contained in styrofoam boxes and/or refrigerating containers for undamaged/ dry food and subject to approval by the authorities after checking the contents. (*)
    • Goods that are items sent in postal items transported by air will be subject to the aviation security regulations as below (*)
    • Batteries and products with internal batteries (For example, watches, phones, laptops, etc.)
    • Liquid.
    • Powder, plastic granules, rubber granules, ink cartridges.
    • Air tank, soil.
    • Power source, magnet.

Note: (*) At this time, SWIFT247 is not ready to receive and transport the goods with the conditions of carriage mentioned in sections 2.5 and 2.6.b, 2.6.c, 2.6.d, 2.6.e.

For batteries and products containing batteries inside, items containing liquid, please notify SWIFT 247 at least 24 hours before service.

  • Goods packaging specification:

It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the Goods are properly packed, marked and labeled for transportation in accordance with the following specific specifications:

  1. Goods must be securely wrapped, packaging must be suitable for the appearance and nature of the items inside, suitable for transport conditions, able to withstand vibration and light shaking, withstand tilt during flight and ensure to withstand common weather conditions such as: rain, wind, hot and cold.
    1. Goods must be packed in a manner that will not cause danger or harm to people, animals, other goods and property of SWIFT247 or the Carrier or other third parties.
    1. The customer must ensure that the package can be easily opened for contents security check.
    1. Customers are solely responsible for marking to identify the consignor and consignee and ensuring that the information is easy to see and not blurred.
    1. When packing, it is necessary to use stuffing materials such as crumpled newspaper, foam beads or air bubble paper to fill the gaps and slits, avoiding the movement of goods inside the box during transportation.
    1. . For items that are easily soiled or wet, they should be placed in a plastic bag, sealed at the edges with tape before packing.
    1. For liquid contained items, it should be covered with a good absorbent pad to absorb liquid in case of spillage or leakage.
    1. Invoices or user manuals need to be placed in the box before packing, not on the outside of the box.
    1. Gather small parts or granular products that may spill and pack into a tightly sealed container, such as a canvas or woven bag, and place the package in a sturdy box.
    1. For items of special or unusual shape, at a minimum, wrap and tape all sharp or protruding edges.
    1. Special goods such as liquid, fragile goods, easily deformed goods, easily melted goods, etc. must be packed to ensure that they can meet transportation conditions. These types of goods must be affixed with a special warning on the outside of the box.
  2. Rights and obligations of the Client:
    1. Customer’s Rights
  3. The Customer has the right to request SWIFT247 to provide Services to the Customer in accordance with the transaction performed.
  4. The Customer has the right to request SWIFT247 to provide a financial invoice in connection with the Services provided to the Customer.
  5. The Customer has the right to make a claim about the Services of SWIFT 247 or to claim of the Goods’ damages in accordance with these General Terms.
    1. Customer’s Obligations
  6. Customers must comply with the provisions of these General Terms throughout their use of the SWIFT247 Services. Only authorized personnel of SWIFT247 may change these general terms in writing. When a customer delivers goods to SWIFT 247 with oral or written instructions inconsistent with these general terms, SWIFT 247 will not be bound by such instructions.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the Goods are properly packed, marked and labeled for shipment.
  8. Merchandise contents (including but not limited to item quantity and weight) must be accurately described on the order.
  9. In case the customer intentionally falsely declares the contents of the goods so that the goods are accepted for transportation while the actual contents of the goods are prohibited from being transported or transportation unaccepted goods, the customer will bear 100% of the cost and any additional shipping fee incurred (if any).


Customers ordering P2P delivery service (delivery service at the post office) for an order weighing 1kg with a service price of VND 158,000. The customer declares the content of the goods as “documents, clothes”, but during the security check, the actual content of the goods is found to be liquid. Customers will have to bear a service fee of 158,000 VND.

  • The contents of the goods must be safely and carefully prepared and packed by the sender to protect the goods against the usual perils during transportation, or to perform other services including any related arrangements and/or handling.
  • The contents of the goods are not limited by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and are not items prohibited and neither the sender nor the receiver is a person or entity with whom we or the sender may not legally be able to do business under any applicable law or regulation.
  • The sender must accurately declare the weight of the goods.
  • The Customer is completely and solely responsible for providing, updating and maintaining the Customer Information, ensuring that the Customer Information, the information on the Order is free of any errors, mistakes or inaccurate details regardless of whether the information is outdated or obsolete and ensures that the information is provided correctly in all respects.
  • Provide full invoices and valid documents related to the Goods when sending/delivering/using the Shipping Services for SWIFT247 in accordance with the law.
  • In case, for any reason, the Customer fails to provide sufficient invoices and documents related to the Goods during transportation, SWIFT247 will not bear any responsibility arising if the Goods are inspected, temporarily seized or confiscated by competent government agencies during transportation due to insufficient invoices and documents.
  • In case the goods are damaged or lost during transportation, the Customer is responsible for providing full invoices and documents about the goods within 48 hours from the time SWIFT247 requests it to guarantee the right to receive compensation from SWIFT247.
  • Full payment of freight for SWIFT247 and other costs incurred is the responsibility of the Customer.
  • Customers preservess Customer Information on their own and may not disclose Customer Information to any third party in any way. SWIFT247 will not be liable in any event where a transaction is regularly performed based on Customer Information that is not due to a security breach from SWIFT247.
  • Rights and obligations of SWIFT 247
    • Obligations of SWIFT 247
  • Provide Services in accordance with the agreement committed with the Customer.
  • Provide financial invoices in connection with the Services provided as the requested by the Customer.
  • Resolve the right to complain from the Customer to the Service within the period announced to the customer.
  • Indemnify the Customer for damage if the Goods are lost, damaged or lost in transit, except for cases not covered by SWIFT247’s compensation liability as prescribed in these General Terms.
  •  Confidentiality of Customer Information and only use this information for the purpose of providing Services to Customers, except for cases where disclosure is required by law or a competent government agency.
    • Rights of SWIFT 247
  • Request Customer to provide Customer Information, accurate documents related to Customer.
  • Request customer to approve SWIFT247, Carrier or competent agency inspect goods formality and provide goods contents.
  • Refuse to transport the Goods in the event that the Goods are not packed in accordance with the specified specifications or contain Goods that are prohibited from being transported or do not meet the conditions specified for the Conditional Carriage or for other safety, security reasons.
  • Request the Customer to compensate for damage in the event that the Customer’s Goods do not comply with the provisions of these General Terms, causing danger or harm to people, animals, goods and property of SWIFT 247 or Carrier or other third party.
  • Customer agrees that we or any governmental authority including customs and security may open and inspect customer’s goods when there is any doubt about the contents of the goods.
  • Scope of application and validity
    • These General Terms are applicable to any Customer using the SWIFT247 Shipping Service.
    • These General Terms take effect from the date of issuance and will be binding on the Customer at the time the Customer confirms to use the Service of SWIFT247.
  • Instances of Force Majeure
    • In the event of a Force Majeure event, SWIFT247 shall not be considered to be in breach of its obligations under the agreement with the Customer and shall not be liable to the Customer for delay in performance or failure to perform any of its obligations as a result of that Force Majeure event.
    • SWIFT247 will continue to perform its obligations after the Force Majeure event ends.
    • In the event of a prolonged force majeure event leading to the transaction being unable to be performed, the customer can request to cancel the order. In case the goods have been delivered to SWIFT247, SWIFT247 will preserve and return them to the customer according to the goods return process. The customer will be refunded the freight paid for the goods, but the customer is responsible for the return freight.
  • Partial effect

If one or more provisions of these General Terms and/or any agreement between SWIFT247 and the Customer are invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any aspect under the laws of Vietnam, the validity and enforceability of the remainder of these documents and/or agreements shall not be harmed or affected.

  • Amendment, adjustment

SWIFT247 has the right to amend and adjust these General Terms from time to time and will notify the Customer through the official website of SWIFT247 and/or the Application and/or other official communication channels of SWIFT247.

  • Adjustment and dispute resolution law
    • These General Terms and any agreement between the Customer and SWIFT247 are construed and governed by the laws of Vietnam.
    • Any dispute arising out of or relating to these General Terms or the SWIFT247 Services will be first resolved by negotiation or mediation. In case a dispute still cannot be resolved by negotiation or conciliation, either party has the right to request a competent court in Vietnam to settle it in accordance with Vietnamese law.
  • General provisions related to the delivery of goods
  • In the event that the actual weight of the Goods exceeds the allowable difference as specified above, SWIFT247 will notify the Customer of the actual weight of the Order.
  • SWIFT247 has the right to refuse to ship the above Order, and the customer is responsible for paying SWIFT247 the related costs.
  • The customer is responsible for adjusting the actual weight of the Order and paying the fee for the weight difference (if any) on the App so that the order can continue its shipping journey. If the difference in freight is not paid, the Order will be kept at the warehouse of SWIFT247 according to the storage procedure specified in Article 4 below.


  • SWIFT247 will calculate the converted weight of all orders and compare it with the actual weight of the order to calculate service charges. Service charges will be calculated based on the larger weight.
  • SWIFT247 provides Delivery and Receiving Services at the recipient and/or sender’s home. However, in case the receiver and/or sender’s address is in an apartment building, high-rise building, SWIFT247 only supports delivery/receipt of Goods at the entrance of the apartment building, high-rise building or other suitable location.
  • Goods returned and stored:
    • Unclaimed Goods:

Unclaimed goods are goods that are in one of the following cases:

  • Goods that the receiver refuses to receive and the sender also refuses to receive (referred to as goods refused to receive).
  • Goods cannot be delivered to the recipient and cannot be returned to the sender after three (03) days from the date the package is accepted.
  • Unclaimed Goods will have their Order status updated to “not delivered” on the App. Customers can track Order status or receive electronic notifications from SWIFT247’s automated system or be notified by SWIFT247 customer service staff.
    • Goods Return Fee
  • In case the Customer does not purchase the Returned Goods Insurance Service due to the failure in delivering the goods:
  • Within three (03) working days, the Customer pays the shipping fee to SWIFT247 to the Customer’s original shipping location.
  • After the return fee is paid, the Goods will be returned to the original place of shipment within a maximum of two (02) Working Days from the time the return fee is paid. SWIFT247 does not charge a storage fee for the period of pending payment for the return of the Goods
  • In case the return fee is not paid within the above period, SWIFT247 will put the Goods in SWIFT247’s warehouse and change the status to “in storage” on the Application.
  • In case the Customer has purchased the Returned Goods Insurance Service package due to failure of delivering the goods: SWIFT247 guarantees that the Goods will be returned to the original sender’s location, the returned goods insurance is valid up to 50% of the original shipping cost.
    • Goods in stock
  • For normal goods, within the next fifteen (15) working days from the date the goods are put into storage, if the Customer agrees to take back the returned goods, the Customer must pay SWIFT247 the Storage costs that is based on the actual number of days of storage and shipping costs to the original location (if any).
  • Especially for perishable goods: the maximum storage time is five (05) working days.
  • In case the items inside the undeliverable goods are discovered damaged due to their natural characteristics and cause unsanitary conditions and environmental pollution, SWIFT247 has the right to make a record and decide to immediately destroy these item and goods.
  • If the Goods are still unclaimed after the above time limit, this Order ID will expire and be changed to the status of “Order unclaimed” on the App.
  • SWIFT 247 has the right to destroy or liquidate to any third party any Goods that are determined as Unclaimed Orders.

Note: storage cost is calculated as 20,000VND/day.

  • Returned goods
  • In case the Returned Goods are in their original condition, with no signs of loss or damage, the Customer and SWIFT 247’s staff/person in charge/designee will confirm the condition of the Goods. and carry out procedures to receive the Goods. The Status of the Order on the App will be updated to “Received”.
  • In case the Goods have signs of loss, harmed or damaged: The customer and SWIFT247’s staff/person in charge/designated partner shall jointly check the contents of the returned Goods, determine the Goods are of the correct Customer’s Order and record the condition of the Goods at the time of receipt. Customer makes a refusal to receive goods and sends complaints directly, providing record and relevant evidences to SWIFT247 to support complaint settlement.
  • SWIFT247 refuses to accept any complaints arising after the Customer has signed and agreed to receive the returned Goods.

Note: the fee for returning the goods to the original destination is charged as a new order.

  • Complaints and complaint handling
    • Time limit for accepting complaints:

All complaints related to lost, harmed, altered or damaged Orders must be recorded and sent to SWIFT247 within 24 hours from the time the system records the delivery status.

  • Complaint receiving time:

The response time to receive complaints is calculated from the time SWIFT247 receives the customer’s complaint minutes (within office hours) as follows:

  • Within 03 hours for complaints about order delivery/pick-up.
  • Within 24 hours for complaints for remaining cases (lost, misplaced, damaged goods).
  • Complaint response time:

Within 05 to 07 working days from the time of receiving the complaint, the Customer needs to provide sufficient evidence related to the complaint that has enough foundation to verify which party is at fault.

  • Damage compensation

Customer’s liability for damages: Customer must compensate for all actual damages incurred to SWIFT247 and related third parties (if any) in the case of:

  • Damage caused by Customer’s fault.
    • Goods on the list of Transportation Prohibited Goods causing damage to SWIFT247 or other third parties (if any).
    • Goods are not properly packed causing damage to SWIFT247 or other third parties (if any).
    • SWIFT247’s liability for damages: In the event that damage is caused by part of the fault of the Customer, SWIFT247 will only compensate for the damage corresponding to the fault of SWIFT247.
    • The policy of compensation for lost, harmed or damaged Goods shall comply with the provisions of Clause 8 below.
  • Policy of compensation

Insurance Coverage: Apply the “Transportation operator liability insurance policy” to the cargo-related liability covered by Chapter 5 applicable to Air and Road transportation.

The maximum compensation level of SWIFT247 for lost, damaged, harmed or altered orders is as follows:

High value goods100% of the insurance policy value, up to VND 100,000,000
Carrier insurance600,000VND/kg, up to 10.000.000VND
Return insurance50% of shipping cost, up to 500,000VND


  • High value goods insurance (provided by Bao Viet insurance) is optional, customers can choose to declare the price for high value goods.
  • The above compensation is the maximum, not the default.
  • Cases that are not under the compensation liability of SWIFT 247

SWIFT247 is not responsible for any damage or loss to Customer’s Goods in the following cases:

  • Force majeure events that lead to loss or damage to the customer’s goods.
    • Objective reasons due to flight delay or flight cancellation.
    • Orders sent are lost, impaired or damaged due to improper packaging by the Customer.
    • Orders sent that are wrong delivered, lost due to customer’s error of providing information
    • Orders sent with items; goods damaged due to their natural characteristics.
    • Goods without invoices, documents, origin.
    • The customer or the consignor fails to prove the delivery, deterioration and damage of the goods.
    • The customer or sender does not have proof of shipment.
    • Orders sent containing transportation prohibited Goods, Goods transported with conditions that do not satisfy the prescribed conditions, are inspected, confiscated by competent government agencies or destroyed according to the provisions of law.
    • The declared value is incorrect, the declared value exceeds the actual value of the Order submitted for price declaration service (as specified in Article 3 above).
    • The customer or the sender fails to comply with the provisions on complaints and dispute settlement according to the agreement and provisions of the law.
    • Indirect damages or unrealized gains arising from the loss or damage of the Goods.
    • .Damage occurred due to unqualified supplied goods from the customer or the sender.
    • Refuse to make any illegal payments on the sender’s behalf.
    • Cases of the air traffic network disruption on a national or local scale.
    • Potential defects or inherent deficiencies of the dispatched goods.
    • The omission of the sender or the third party such as:
  • The consignor or any other party claiming benefit in the consignment causes the shipper to breach his/her obligations under these terms and conditions, in particular, the obligations set out in paragraph 4.1.
  • An act or omission of any official in the Security, Customs, Aviation, Airport or Government sectors.