Chưa được phân loại



Job Description

  • Coordinate with company’s partners
  • Receive/Pickup orders or perform delivery if required
  • Contact customer to determine the time and place of delivery / receipt of goods
  • Check the goods in accordance with regulation
  • Other relevant tasks according to supervisor’s request
  • Working area: Hanoi, Danang, HCM

Job requirements

  • Good health
  • Honesty and carefulness.
  • Hardworking, agile, enthusiastic, good at communication.


  • Hard salary: 8-10 million (extra support available)
  • Full benefits and insurance according to the Labor Law; salary, bonus, welfare and vacation benefits of the company.
  • Friendly working environment ….

Other information

  • CV
  • Household registration, identity card
  • Relevant qualifications.

Contact information:
Send CV to SWIFT247 office or email to subject [TuyendungS247]-Name-Position
Hotline 1900 272747 for more details