A Technological Platform, Connecting and Optimizing our partners
Versatile and flexible solutions for every location and service inquiry
Comprehensive and seamless integration with our strategic partners

Our Mission

To provide the fastest delivery services, with utmost convenience and flexibility, through dynamic and ever-evolving technological capabilities

Our Vision

To redefine express shipping, becoming one of Asia’s fastest and the most reliable logistic companies/p>

SWIFT247 is an integrative, tech-based platform that allows disparate third-party-logistic providers to connect and optimize their offerings. Founded in 2019 by a young, determined team, SWIFT247 has gained a business grant for aviation logistics, in addition to forming strategic partnerships with key industry players. Our vitality and ambition empowers us to always sastify customers’ needs and requirements. In the next 3 years, our goal is to expand our coverage and partners network to offer the highest industry standards of service in all domestic and international routes. Our relentless focus on technological and network enhancement, in order to better serve our customers, is the key driver of our mission to become one of the top cross-city logistic service providers in Asia.


VietJet Air

VietJet – the largest air transporter in Vietnam, with dense flight schedules and coverage in both domestic and international routes.


Grab – Ride-hailing platform with the largest rider network and market share in Southeast Asia.

Our Story

Our narrative started in the autumn months of 2018. A Southeast Asian student, studying abroad in a European city, realized that sending documents from home in order to complete his student visa was not easy at all; in fact, it was so cumbersome that he almost missed the deadline for his visa application and his first day of school.

From then on, the student became more curious about express delivery services, particularly inspired by his novel experiences with Amazon Prime’s service fulfillment. He, and several companions with expertise in technology and marketing, saw the industry oppertunities, and decided to start a logistic service to overcome the simple inconvieniences and barriers to express delivery. Using information technology and automated systems, they were able to match customers’ needs and specific shipments, with according logistic providers, optimising, and removing those ‘inconvieniences’ to the shipping experience.

With SWIFT247, our customers and partners are our companions, sharing and contributing to the same vision: to bring the express shipment to every door of every home, office or destination.

Need to ship, there is SWIFT, 24/7!

For shipments that require “Rush shipping, To the minute”

With the vision of becoming a long-run partner for parcels that need to be ” sprinted” with, we recognize the reality and urgency of customers through many different perspectives. SWIFT247 is born to execute the mission of optimizing the shipping experience, and challenging the boundaries of time and space, all through a reliable delivery service.


Commited to high-speed, cross-city delivery in Vietnam and soon, South Asia, with the advantage of dense day and night schedules from Vietjet Air flights, SWIFT247 is capable of inter-city ” Door to door” services in 6 – 8 hours, regardless of the time of day.

More Reliable

Cooperating with Grab – a reliable Partner across Vietnam and Southeast Asia- SWIFT247 aims to focus on transport solutions to solve the current problem of logistics. With a tracking system ” to every kilometer, to every minute”, we will bring a new experience to our customers and partners with the goal of dismissing worries of package loss, late deliveries and damage to shipments.

Let SWIFT 247 helps you with:

Documents that need urgent delivery,
Gifts that need urgent shipping,
Anticipative customers,
For the affection that is ‘awaiting delivery’

Walking with “the Giants”

Through our affimative efforts, we are honored to receive the trust and cooperation of Giant start ups, sharing the same vision to solve the insufficiencies encountered in our society.

SWIFT 247 is built on the foundation of Grab’s cohesive service network – one of the largest transporters in Southest Asia, and Vietjet Air – The largest Air carrier in Vietnam with dense domestic and international flight schedules.

With our giant and trusted partners, we can clearly see a long-term vision. In the future, we will become one of the top logistic companies not only in Vietnam, but Southest Asia and internationally, anywhere that our partners can reach and operate.

We, and our trusted partners, will work together with our customers to create a better future.

Value from interconnectedness

SWIFT247 – Rush shipping. To the minute