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I. High Speed delivery service from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh city and Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Noi :

Weight (kg)D2DP2DD2PP2P
≤1198,000 VND178,000 VND178,000 VND158,000 VND
2228,000 VND208,000 VND208,000 VND188,000 VND
3258,000 VND238,000 VND238,000 VND218,000 VND
4288,000 VND268,000 VND268,000 VND248,000 VND
5318,000 VND298,000 VND298,000 VND278,000 VND
6348,000 VND328,000 VND328,000 VND308,000 VND
7378,000 VND358,000 VND358,000 VND338,000 VND
Continous 0,5-1kg+ 33,000 VND+ 33,000 VND+ 33,000 VND+ 33,000 VND

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  • D2D: SWIFT 247 pick up and delivery.
  • P2D: Shipping at SWIFT 247. Pick up at your own location.
  • D2P: SWIFT 247 takes delivery of goods from senders. Receiving goods at the delivery point of SWIFT 247.
  • P2P: Shipping and receiving goods at the delivery point of SWIFT 247.

II. Additional Services:

#Service TypeFee
1Packing serviceAccording to the weight of the customer declaration:
– Under 2kg: 20,000 VND / piece
– From 2-5kg: 40,000 VND / piece
– From 5-10 kg: 60,000 VND / piece
– 10kg or more: an additional 20,000 VND / kg
2COD serviceCurrently SWIFT 247 does not provide this service
3Insurance service for guaranteed goodsCustomers must declare the value of peace when selecting goods of high value, insurance * declared value
4SMS service updates order status5,000 VND/application

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  • VAT included.
  • The price does not include packaging fee if any.
  • The weight of each piece must not exceed 20kg and the total dimension of 3 dimensions (length + width + height) of each piece cannot exceed 130 cm.
  • With D2D service, limit the distance of taking goods and delivering goods within 15km.