Seoul, September 4th, 2022 – Swift 247 Joint Stock Company (SWIFT247) has successfully held the opening event of the Korea – Vietnam express delivery service at Gwanghwamun Square. The event is part of the 10th Vietnamese Cultural Festival in Seoul. With the witness of thousands of Vietnamese, Korean and international tourists coming to participate in the festival.

Event- of- the- 10th -Vietnamese -Cultural -Festival -in -Korea
Event of the 10th Vietnamese Cultural Festival in Korea
Swift247- leadership -took -a -commemorative- photo- with Korean-partners
Swift247 leadership took a commemorative photo with Korean partners

In the event, there was also the presence of the Board of Directors, Swift247’s partners participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to launch the Korea – Vietnam express delivery service, including the following representatives:

  • Ambassador Nguyen Vu Tung and his wife
  • Mr. Do Xuan Quang – Vice President of Vietjet Air, Vice President of Vietjet Air Cargo
  • Mr. Tran Quang Hoa – Vice President of Vietjet Air Cargo and Swift247
  • Mr. Tran Hai Linh – Chief Representative of Sovico Corporation in Korea
  • Mr. Kim Sukkyu – President of GSA Daejoo Air
  • Mr. Teejay Huh – CEO of GSA Deajoo 247
  • Mr. Yeosup Yoon – CEO of GSA Deajoo Cargo
VIP-guests -attended- the- opening- event- of- Swift247
VIP guests attended the opening event of Swift247
Vietjet- Air- Swift247- and- Deajoo -leaders -talk -with- Ambassador -Nguyen -Vu- Tung
Vietjet Air, Swift247 and Deajoo leaders talk with Ambassador Nguyen Vu Tung

With Swift247’s express delivery service, customers can send goods from Korea to Vietnam easily right on the phone app. Modern, user-friendly application interface. Combined with order tracking, both senders and receivers can see the order journey clearly and conveniently.

In particular, Swift247’s Korea – Vietnam cross-border delivery service package also has the advantage of transit time. Ordering right on the app, combined with Vietjet Air’s flight network. Helps shorten the delivery time to only 2-4 days.

The -area- for- customers- to -experience- Swift247 -application- at- the -booth
The area for customers to experience Swift247 application at the booth

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Quang – Deputy General Director of the company also shared: “This is the first time Swift247 has approached foreign markets, creating money to expand to other markets in Asia future. Therefore, this international cooperation relationship is considered a big turning point for Swift247.

Deputy -General- Director- Nguyen -Xuan- Quang- speaks- at- the -opening -event -of -the -Korean -express- delivery- service - Vietnam.jpg
Deputy General Director Nguyen Xuan Quang speaks at the opening event of the Korean express delivery service – Vietnam.jpg

In this opening event, Swift247 also organizes minigame activities with many valuable gifts. Among them, there are two lucky customers who received special prizes. That is the pair of return plane ticket between Korea and Vietnam of Vietjet Air.

Staff- introduce Korea - Vietnam Express- Delivery- service -of -Swift247
Staff introduce Korea – Vietnam Express Delivery service of Swift247
Lovely-gifts-Swift247- for -customers- participating- in -minigames -at -the -booth
Lovely gifts, Swift247 for customers participating in minigames at the booth
Gifts were distributed to the festival’s parade team
Pictures- of -customers -participating -in- games- at- Swift247's -booth
Pictures of customers participating in games at Swift247’s booth

For more information, or have questions about Swift247’s Korea – Vietnam delivery service. Customers can contact us directly via our website: or fanpage: